Solventaş | Türkiye Terminals
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Length of Quay508 m
Liquid (m³ /yr)Liquid (m³ /yr)


Berth Information
  Berth 1-2
Length (m) 508
Draft (m) 11

Solventas is the leading liquid terminal in Turkey bringing global standards into the Turkish market. Growing through constant innovation and upgrades, Solventas has become the largest liquid terminal in Turkey. The facilities are located at Dilovasi on the Gulf of Izmit on the Marmara Sea.

Solventas has won the absolute confidence of its customers through effectively utilizing information, the most valuable asset of our age, by developing a corporate culture based on concern for the environment, human health, safety, security and through a superior service quality confirmed by  ISO  9001,  ISO  14001  and  OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Since the day of its inception, Solventas has acted in full awareness of the importance of the concept of trust as a must in the chemicals industry. The facilities are well known, both locally and internationally, as the safest base in the region.