Marsaxlokk, Malta
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Length of Quay2,463 m
Container (TEU/yr)Container (TEU/yr)


Ro-Ro (CEU/yr)Ro-Ro (CEU/yr)


Berth Information
Terminal - 1 Terminal - 2
  North West North South Ro-Ro West
Length (m) 1000 290 480 660 220 118
Draft (m) 17 13 17 17 12,5 17

YILDIRIM Group’s first global expansion move in port operations took place in 2011 with the acquisition of 50% shares in Malta Freeport Terminals, one of the leading transshipment and logistics centers in the Mediterranean.

  • Major transshipment hub in the Mediterranean
  • Globally linked with over 115 ports
  • In the heart of EMEA Region

Malta Freeport offers extensive worldwide regular network connections, high-performance levels, cost effectiveness, ease of access to markets with minimal diversion distance, easy port accessibility, safe maneuverability of vessels and all-year favorable weather conditions.

Malta Freeport also offers the shortest distance in nautical miles between Gibraltar and entrance to the Suez Canal. An unparalleled 6 nautical miles is required for Malta Freeport, whereas 56 for Cagliari, 66 for Gioia Tauro, 165 for Naples, 280 for Taranto and 356 for Genoa are required.