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Term & Conditions

The following are terms in relation to information and service provided by YILPORT HOLDING INC. (“YILPORT”) for users of this site. By accessing this site, users acknowledge that they have understood, accepted and agreed to the terms stated below.

1. All the documents on this site are owned by YILPORT. Such documents cannot be copied, reformulated or reproduced for any reason whatsoever unless required to be viewed through on-line system. Notwithstanding the above information, web pages can only be printed out for personal use.

2. Although YILPORT has taken all necessary measures to protect the website from viruses and from similar software, users have to obtain their own virus protection software in order to provide ultimate protection. In this regard, users accept that YILPORT assumes no responsibility regarding any error or direct/indirect consequential damages in the users’ software and operation systems from the use of this web site.

3. Any kind of quotation, data, picture, explanation, news (referred to as “data”) is for introduction and information purpose only. Users cannot claim that the data on the website is not accurate and/or they have suffered damages. In case users intend to do any transaction based on the data on the web site, the users accept that they shall obtain the ultimate and accurate information from the authorized persons in YILPORT and YIPORT assumes no responsibility regarding the up-to-dateness of any data on the web site.

4. YILPORT reserves the right to change the content of the site, terminate any service provided for the users and delete the saved data of the users on the web site any time without notice. Although YILPORT has taken all the measures to make the web site perfect, no assurance is given in this regard.

5. Information sent by users through the web site, is confidential between YIPORT and users. Personal information will not be shared with third persons or copied, distributed and displayed in any circumstances unless there is a court/prosecution office order or written permission of the user.

6. YILPORT reserves the right to investigate the users’ personal ID information and make formal complaint to legal authorities in case users are suspected to have done or intended any electronic sabotage or attack in order to manipulate the operation of the web site.

7. Due to the nature of the internet, data can move without security or may be acquired by unauthorized persons. Any damages arising out of such reasons are not under YILPORT’s responsibility.

8. All the rights regarding any kind of materials, designs and the right to control the same composing the web site belong to YILPORT. Unless approved by YILPORT’s written confirmation, materials, designs and the rights attached to the same cannot be used by any persons/establishments. Otherwise, YILPORT reserves the right to compensation and litigation for the damages incurred.

9. In case of any dispute between YILPORT and the website users, YILPORT’s electronic records will be accepted as conclusive evidence, where users also accept that this section is regarded as evidential contract under the scope of clause 193 of 6100 numbered Code of Civil Procedure.

10. YILPORT reserves the right to change, renew or cancel any sections of this text without prior notice. Those sections changed, renewed or cancelled will have effect on the date of publication for all users.

11. This web site has been established under and is governed by Turkish law. Turkish law will be the applicable law for any dispute arising from or in connection with the use of this website. and users accept the exclusive jurisdiction of Istanbul (central) courts and execution offices.