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Operaciones de Ro-Ro

Operaciones de Ro-Ro

Damage-free stevedoring services and specially trained labor offer ro-ro terminal services at YILPORT. Operating the largest ro-ro terminal established in the leading automotive industry region in Turkey brings world-class expertise. YILPORT combines this know-how with its damage-free services to deliver import and export operations to the automotive manufacturers.

Multi storey car park located 50 meters to berth:

Owing to the specially designed multi-storey car parking area, the terminal, which allows the loading of different types of vehicles such as passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, tractors, work machines and minibuses, constitutes a large part of the increase in the export rates. The terminal, which is very close to the Tofaş and Oyak-Renault factories, has a multi-storey car park with a capacity of 6,000 vehicles and also allows parking of vehicles in many points of the terminal area. In 2016, 347,678 vehicles were handled at the park. The biggest volume handled belongs to FIAT. Models and product types that have just begun to be exported is the main reason for this increase. In spite of the demands of our business partners who want to send the vehicles to the terminal at the soonest time, the vehicles are stored indoors and outdoors, and different alternatives are offered to customers even in the times that the demand is the most intensive, continuously working for operational efficiency and quality at the highest level.

Damage Free Operations:

YILPORT Gemport competes in the highest level by internal and external audits, which are carried out continuously and transparently. The multipurpose terminal continues to prove itself every year by obtaining the highest audit grades from the evaluations made by its customers. 

Los servicios de estiba sin daños y la mano de obra especialmente capacitada ofrecen los servicios de terminales de ro-ro en YILPORT. Operar la terminal de ro-ro más grande establecida en la región líder de la industria automotriz de Turquía brinda experiencia de clase mundial. YILPORT combina este know-how con sus servicios libres de daños para realizar las operaciones de importación y exportación de los fabricantes de automóviles.

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