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Liscont, A Successful Remote Navis Implementation for YILPORT

YILPORT Holding implemented the Navis Terminal Operating System (TOS) at its port operations within the Iberia region. YILPORT Liscont has become the second terminal in Portugal and the fourth in Iberia to implement the N4 TOS. It is the first terminal to do it remotely with the planned go-live date set for the 10th of January 2021.

YILPORT Liscont has deployed the Navis Sparcs N4 TOS system at the Alcântara Terminal (TCA) beats all implementation records, achieving net productivity of 32 moves per hour and gross productivity of 27 moves per hour on the first vessel to operate with Navis at the terminal.

The current pandemic situation badly affected Portugal as well. Flights stopped, employees were locked down, service providers reduced service levels and COVID cases increased. Ahead of the remote go-live, the TOS Deployment team completed a risk assessment with the local teams to mitigate any potential issues that might arise. It was the right course of action to move forward. The YILPORT team composed of our experienced functional departments, supported by the knowledge of the GLC Iberia and the leadership and experience of the local operations team made a mix that resulted in an incredible exercise of teamwork and success, proving their capacity and commitment to overcome any challenge.

After switching over the TOS system and implementing a full new set of technologies and software for the local departments, the N4 Go-live day was lived very similarly to a regular operations day. The reason for this was the dry runs performed during the fine-tuning phase. After configuration and initial training were completed; Liscont Operations and Customer services team accomplished approximately 130 hours of gate simulations and additional 120 hours of vessel simulation that allowed, on the one hand, to fine-tune the system and on the other giving experience and confidence to the users on the new system.

The success of YILPORT Liscont has paved the way for other terminals with remote implementation in these unprecedented times and beyond.

Now, YILPORT Liscont is prepared for the upcoming developments as part of the modernization and increase of the efficiency strategy.