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Providing Pilotage and Towage services to all Foreign Flag vessels over 500 gross tonnages and Turkish Flag vessels over 1000 grosstonnages calling Gemlik Bay and Mudanya region since 1996 with experienced and highly qualified staff as a authorized organization by administration, Gemport continues to break the records. Objective and safety based services are continuous and 7/24 and 365 day a year. Gemport fleet has 5 tug boats with 180 bollard pull capacity in total. Gemport has set a new pilotage and tug boat record, servicing 325 vessels, executing a total of 650 maneuvers in a single month. This figure is the highest since the service was introduced in 1996, the establishment. The increased volumes follow a number of equipment improvements made over past few years, including a 450 m extension of the Gemlik Terminal, a major line refurbishment of the same terminal and the installation of two state-of-the-art gantry cranes in February,2014.