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YILPORT Stockholm Nord is one of the country's largest intermodal terminals with a fast railway connection to the east coast's largest container terminal and an optimal location in Rosersberg. Half of the Swedish consumption takes place in the Stockholm region where YILPORT Stockholm Nord is located as a container depot with direct rail shuttle service to YILPORT Gävle Terminal.


Gävle Container Terminal is for the most part an export terminal. Around 80% of the goods handled in the terminal is exported. With the railway link to the Stockholm area, imports through Gävle Container Terminal can increase. This increases the balance and thus efficiency of the container terminal, including reduced imports of empty containers by sea. The railway also increases the speed and predictability of cargo shipments while decreasing overall transportation costs. YILPORT Nordic is creating cost effective access to the northern part of Stockholm by allowing vessels to discharge imports at Gävle Container Terminal before they are seamlessly transferred to the Stockholm Nord facility.


With Stockholm Nord in the YILPORT Nordic roster, Gävle Container Terminal more clearly becomes one of the most important container terminals for the Stockholm area. As of 2021, YILPORT runs three block trains per week with visions to run every day. This in turn positions Gävle as a logistics hub, which is a competitive advantage in the fight for business start-ups in the region. More business establishments in the Gävle area will in the long run result in more exports and imports through the container terminal.


The cooperation between Stockholm Nord and Gävle Container Terminal is of big importance in the future as the container terminal is expanding and will handle larger vessels. Together, Stockholm Nord and Gävle Container Terminal play an important role in moving transport from road to rail and sea, creating more environmentally and economic friendly cargo shipment.