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YILPORT Holding CEO Christian BLAUERT Attended to Portugal Shipping Week

YILPORT Holding CEO Christian BLAUERT Attended to Portugal Shipping Week as a Panelist Speaker


The Portugal Shipping Week was held between 17- 21st of September in Lisbon. YILPORT Holding CEO, Mr. Christian BLAUERT was invited as a panelist speaker to the event which brought together leaders of the global shipping industry.


On 18th of September at the Flagship Conference, Mr. Christian BLAUERT gave a presentation titled “'World Trade and Shipping: Portugal's Potential' where he mentioned YILPORT’s journey to success over the years starting from the very first terminal, YILPORT Gebze, and its progress to be the fastest growing port company in 2016. He also shared the company’s general perception on Iberia Region; "We view Iberia as a whole, as a region. By Iberia, we do not only mean Portugal or Spain. We envisage all our activities as a whole in the region. And everybody fights for the loads in the Iberian Peninsula.” He also stated that YILPORT follows “one stop shop solution” principle and serves as a multipurpose terminal to provide the best possible service to customers. “Our principle is based on the term ‘one-stop-shop solution’ so when the customer comes to us and seeks solutions, we try to do our best.”


In his speech, Mr. Christian BLAUERT drew the global picture of the multifaceted YILPORT Holding and the current activities of the company regarding international shipping landscape. Mr. BLAUERT also mentioned YILDIRIM Group and its presence not only in port management but also in other sectors.