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Yilport Leixões handled 181.651 Teus increasing its volume by 7.9% in Q1 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year with 168.387 Teus. Taken Q1 2018 into consideration, volume improvement to 28.9% clearly shows the noticeable growth in terminal achieved throughout the years. Yilport Leixões, the terminal handled 71.334 Teus in March alone setting a new record in container segment, also closed the first quarter as one of the top terminals in container volume among Yilport Holding’s all 22 terminals operating in 10 countries around the world. In terms of overall cargo, Yilport Leixões handled 5.3 million tons in the first three months of 2020. Along with increase in container volume, ro-ro cargo also improved by 3.6% and supported Yilport Leixões’ continued success.

Chairman and CEO Robert Yuksel Yildirim evaluated Yilport Leixões’ Q1 performance and upcoming projects: “As a part of Yilport Holding’s strategy to make 2020 ‘the year of expansion and modernization in all ports of our portfolio’, we continue to execute our investments and development plans in Yilport Leixões. To support increasing volume and elevate annual handling capacity, we realize reconversion & expansion works and heavily investing on new equipment in Yilport Leixões. As the first step, 6 state-of-the-art E-RTGs were already ordered and expected to be delivered in the first half of 2021. We’re very satisfied with the first quarter results of Yilport Leixões and believe with our projects both in North Container Terminal (TCN) and South Container Terminal (TCS) we will sustain the leading role in the region with growing throughput and help Portuguese economy to grow more.”

Yilport Leixões, the largest seaport in the north of Portugal, continues its equipment and infrastructure investments to increase its capacity as well. Within the scope of North Terminal Reconversion & Expansion works, quay wall extension, dredging for deeper draft of 16 m, yard capacity increase and STS & RTG investments are planned and already started to be worked on.

Currently South Container Expansion Project also progresses with estimated completion end of December 2020. Civil works i.e., depot area, completion of RTG yard blocks, installation of intermodal rail yard, installation of lighting poles foundations, and other works are currently being carried out. The terminal conducts all these works with minimum impact in the daily operation of Yilport Leixões. Additionally, towards the end of 2020, the terminal operating system (TOS) that Yilport Holding uses in all its portfolio, Navis N4, will be implemented.

Yilport Leixões Logistics Platform is another exciting project to continue nowadays. The platform will be developed in Logistics Center #1 of Yilport Leixões Logistics Platform, in an area of approximately 2.3 hectares and privileged distance of 1.5 kilometers of the terminal allowing improved depot and storage capabilities for empty and full containers and additional services such as equipment maintenance and repair. In the second phase, CFS and Contract Logistics will be the focus.

Yilport Holding, a subsidiary of Yildirim Group of Companies is the fastest growing international container terminal operator in the world and is currently ranked 12th among international container terminal operators by Drewry Report. Yilport Leixões located at Porto continues its utmost endeavors to keep its commitment to the Portuguese government to make the Port of Leixões much more competitive than it already is. With consistent volume growth and breaking operational records, Yilport Leixões is not only strengthening the position as leader in gateway throughputs in the country but also strengthening its future by investing in modernization and infrastructure along with complementary services like, Logistics Platform project to be launched in the very short term.