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YILPORT Liscont Hosts Visits from Turkish Ambassador to Portugal

As part of strengthening bilateral relations and recognizing economic investments, the Ambassador of Türkiye to Portugal, Mr. Haldun KOÇ, visited the YILPORT Liscont terminal in Lisbon.

After the visit to the YILPORT Leixões terminal, the Ambassador met at YILPORT Liscont with the Regional Director-General for Iberia, Mr. Nuno David SILVA, and the Chairman of the Port of Lisbon Authority (APL), Mr. Carlos Alberto do Maio Correia.

During the visit, the Chairman of APL presented the port infrastructure of Lisbon, underscoring the significance of efficient integration and coordination of various modes of transport, strategies to boost cargo handling, and investments in ‘blue economy’ projects. Discussions also covered business opportunities and government investments in the region.

Mr. Haldun KOÇ commended YILPORT Holding, which manages seven terminals in Portugal, for its substantial investments in the Port of Lisbon. He highlighted the robust collaboration between YILPORT and the port authority, which has driven local economic development and enhanced the international market by improving supply chain efficiency.

Portugal, with its extensive coastline and historical prominence as a maritime nation, continues to lead through strategic partnerships and investments. The ongoing collaboration between both countries, through companies like YILPORT, is essential for the mutual growth of both nations.

YILPORT Iberia, a division of YILPORT Holding, and the Lisbon Port Authority are honored to host this visit, celebrating a shared vision of a prosperous future for the sector.