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Türkiye Terminals

Türkiye Terminals

Located in the Marmara region of Türkiye, YILPORT’s multipurpose terminals offer the best solutions, located at different coasts and cities in the hearts of industrial zones. The terminals are closely connected to main highways offering easy access. YILPORT Gebze, Gemlik, Körfez, Solventaş, and Basşkent OIZ Eti Logistics Intermodal terminals all utilize bonded and non-bonded areas, warehouses and supported by end-to-end logistic services. YILPORT Türkiye terminals in Marmara offer customers entire import and export operations 24/7 with the famous YILPORT discipline and global know-how.

Services Provided among Türkiye Terminals

Container, Ro-Ro, general cargo, bulk, and liquid cargo.

* The information above mentions overall services offered at YILPORT Holding’s terminals in Türkiye. The services may vary depending on the terminal in question. Please select related terminal to view detailed services and operations offered