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Global Logistics Center - Centralized Planning

Our unique central planning service delivers the global best practices to the local terminals. All planning of our worldwide terminals is undertaken at our home terminal in Türkiye, YILPORT Gebze. Liners do not have to rework their terminal operations on each terminal. From one contact point, liners can improve and implement their processes to multiple terminals of YILPORT Holding.

The establishment of YILPORT Logistics Center is supported by our centralized Navis N4 system. The technology allows us to consistently apply our management and optimization techniques across our terminal portfolio. With the new radio over IP (ROIP) system, YILPORT Global Logistics Center can offer effective solutions to vessels, which call our ports. YILPORT’s automated gate systems enable automated container identification and integrated weighing. When passing through the portal, container snapshots and container states are being recorded. These records can be accessed by the customer through web-based applications.

YILPORT Holding is committed to delivering supreme terminal service to its customers, powered by high technology investments, and in-house innovations.

Global Logistics Center in Gebze is a groundbreaking innovation and one of its kind in the industry, delivering planning and control for YILPORT's terminals from Türkiye.

GLC rises on high-tech pillars, unmatched in the industry:

1. Motorola Digital Mobile Radio: Connecting not employees of a single terminal, but all employees of all terminals around the globe over IP radio protocol. A ship-to-shore crane operator in Oslo can radio the help desk in Gebze as if they are in the same terminal. This is the only global deployment of a digital mobile radio system in the world.

2. CCTV: Cameras in remote terminals broadcast to GLC in real time. They act as the eye-in-the-sky for GLC operators.

3.OCR: Crane and automated gates are equipped with optical character recognition (OCR) capable cameras, and they precisely scan container numbers, license plates of trucks etc.